Fotobrigaadi fotograaf Annika Haas on oma teostega üles astunud järgmistel näitustel:

Solo Exhibitions
2010 Crooked World. (Kõverpidimaailm), Deco gallery, Tallinn
2003 – 2008 Vanishing Estonian Landscapes. Milk Trestles; Pärnu, Tallinn, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tartu, Paide, Viljandi
2003 Ukraine. People and Time; National Library of Estonia, Tallinn
2001 Review exhibition of EU financed objects in Estonia at the Rural Day of the Movement of Estonian Villages and Small Towns
1998 Beings, Tartu University Library

Selected Group Exhibitions
2012 FotoWeek DC International Awards Competition Winners, FotoWeek Central @ The Warner Building, Washington DC, USA
2012 Estonia in Pictures; Quebec Observatoire de la Capitale, Quebec City, Canada
2011 Prichudie. Revisited; St. John’s Church, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2011 Culture of Russian Old Believers; Narva Museum, Narva, Estonia
2011 Prichudie. Revisited; Yugo-Zapadnaya Centre, Moscow, Russia
2010 Young Sight and Sound about Europe; Accademia Reale di Spagna, Rome, Italy
2010 Prichudie. Revisited; State Art Gallery, Perm, Russia
2010 EtnoFotorism; series of four different photo exhibitions at Russian Theatre, Estonian National Library, Solaris Centre and Gallery of Theatre Vanemuine, Tallinn, Tartu, Estonia
2010 Estonia in Pictures; Estonian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
2009 What Lies Beneath. Nature and Urban Landscape in EU Photography; House of Sweden, Washington D.C, USA
2009 Prichudie. Revisited; Northern Institute of Åland, Mariehamn, Åland, Finland
2009 Estonia in Pictures; Estonian Embassy in Washington, Washington D.C, USA
2008 Prichudie. Revisited; festival Walestonia; Cardiff, Wales, UK
2008 Prichudie. Revisited; Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia
2008 Photo Festival FotoWeek DC, International Photographers exhibition at FotoWeek DC Central, Washington D.C, USA
2008 Les Recontres d’Arles/Photo Festival Arles – the European Night Project, European Photographic Identities; Paris, France
2008 Prichudie. Revisited; Town Art Center, Pskov, Russia
2008 Prichudie. Revisited; National Library of Karelia, Petroskoy, the Republic of Karelia
2007 Prichudie. Revisited; gallery ambulARToorium, Tartu county, Estonia